1. My eyes keeps getting drawn to the supporting bar in the upper right-hand corner of the frame, and the discarded scrap of paper on the ground further down on the same side.

    I look at the rest of the frame, and my eyes keep sliding back to the right. Strange.

    1. Tyler, looking at my image with a bit more distance, I have to admit that those two elements are indeed distracting, especially as the support bar to the right is not only bright but fully reflecting the light. And while the cigarette stub to the left adds “urban” feeling to the image, the same thing to the right is again too bright and attracts more attention than necessary.

      Oh well, good that I didn’t order a print yet.

    1. John, this is a “Merida”, a middle (price) class “German engineered” – so they say on their web site – bike. I liked the contrast of the triangles in the bike and the stairs and handrails with the round shape of the tube.

  2. That’s an unusual image for you Markus, certainly in terms of the high contrast and saturated colours, but I would have been quite excited by the scene myself. It looks like a public place but the bike wasn’t locked!

    1. Click to enlarge: 20120131-181055mws_v4Sometimes we all leave our comfort zones, and if schedules force me to do so, I resort to photograph at night – definitely easier in the city than in the countryside.

      Oh, and in the crop you see the cable lock – definitely not adequate to the value of the bike, and that is probably the reason why it was left inside the tube in bright light.

  3. Those reflected colors across the inside of the stainless “pipe” are striking. It makes me want to know what’s on the other side.

    Lots of visual elements, textures and lines but somehow they seem to work together. The most distracting element for me is that support bar Tyler mentioned in his comment.

    1. Earl, this image found me only a small number of steps away from our office. The tube provides a pedestrian path under (pedestrian) bridge over on the main roads leading to the train station – the yellow reflexions are street- and headlights, the blue comes from the decorating light of the European Patent Office.

      Yes, that support bar is distracting as it is way too bright. So I guess I will crop just a tiny bit tighter before printing.

  4. Interesting.
    First, in that some refer to the line in the upper right corner as a “distraction”. I was thinking of it as just another visual element in the frame, and a lively one at that.
    I like it.

    Second, as so often happens, viewers see the photograph primarily as a source of information, with discussions of the objects themselves. For that reason, I think the image would be better without the bicycle.


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