1. It must be very recently fallen snow…no children’s footprints. I’d be surprised if it lasted long in this condition. 🙂

  2. Earl, indeed it didn’t last long – only three hours later the snowfall turned into rain and within a short period of time the new snow was gone, leaving only muddy grey and brownish-green where the image showed a beautiful white.

  3. I love these photos from Germany (and other areas of Europe). I lived in Bad Kreuznach for three years (plus a few extra months) and have Zero photos to show for it (long story – bottom line, they’re gone) so anytime I see these types of images it’s like seeing an old friend.


    1. John, I’ve often made the observation that an image that spontaneously speaks to me contains such a combination of monochromatism and a subdued primary color. I think that many of the landscapist’s images work along such a mechanism, too

    1. These colors certainly have some archaic connotation, Juha. Sometimes I forget about this aspect of images and make brain-heavy detours trying to explain to myself why they work as they do.

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