No Walnut

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Hochschwarzeck, Bavaria

For a moment I had considered “Golden Globe” for the title.


  1. A familiar sight – though not this year, as we don’t have snow.

    Title can be important. The all-time most viewed of my photographs on Flickr depicts droppings of a European hare on spring snow. I think it is the title “Brown and round” which brings the viewers – I had no idea. Either that or someone is engaged in rickrolling.

    1. Juha, with “brown and round” it’s probably similar as with melons – completely innocent words, but most often googled for in erotic context.

      I’ll never forget when I started with the LaTeX typesetting system and googled for some information in the office. As search engines are not case-aware, at least when not using quotes, the majority of the hits returned was not the least relevant for typesetting.

      1. Indeed, a good example!

        One thing which doesn’t work at all with Google (and probably other search engines as well) is certain kinds of context-aware searches. I got interested in reading poetry in English, and knowing only a few words about a certain poem it is almost impossible to get anything which makes sense, especially if what you remember of the poem is only approximate.

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