1. I Love this photo. The mirror of the dominate shapes, the cool vs. warm, and the mystery of the light on the balcony. Very nice photo.

    1. Thanks, John! I was on my way to a vernissage in the local adult education center, and lucky enough I had my LX3 in the suit pocket, small and unobtrusive as it is. At night it was easy enough to use the native 1:1 format and the display to compose this image – at other times I have my gripes with this sort of framing.

  2. That’s a pretty amazing scene Markus! If I didn’t know your work better, I’d have dismissed it for being too vividly blue. But, knowing that you wouldn’t ever commit such a heinous crime I can share your wonder at such a natural and wonderful display of colours 🙂

    Incidentally, it hadn’t really registered with me where you lived. I have had some good holidays in the northern limestone Alps, exploring klettersteig and mountain summits. It’s a beautiful and awesome part of the world and it’s nice to be able to relate to your photography a bit more too.

  3. I plead not guilty! Here is the screenshot of the settings:


    To my best guess, it was the tuning down of the exposure, which quite truthfully renders the sky in such a deep blue – without that natural drama I would probably not have made an image. But I admit, it comes close to those dreaded saturation-to-the-max/velvia pretty pictures.

    From your blog I’ve learned what an avid mountaineer you are. Those Scottish munros certainly compensate the lack of height with a lot more inaccessibility – and for me they seem to offer really wonderful sceneries, devoid of human traces. This is something you won’t find here so easily.

  4. Perfect shot! The classic cool-warm contrast works great here, perhaps also because the balcony is really placed on a hot-spot.

    Saturation-to-the-max? Just another tool of the trade, or? Works for me, as long as it goes together with the shot. As in this one.

    1. Thx, Thomas! Re. the saturation I am usually careful – it’s a bit like sugar: easy to create unhealthy addiction, and after a while you don’t want anything without it. But here: it was either the sky’s or the camera’s fault 😉

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