Snow Stake, Forest

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Preising, Bavaria

Some weeks ago, we had a typical grey and misty November weather. I enjoyed it in spite of the cold fingers when dealing with the camera.


  1. Aaah, this is so good. I can’t think of anything better that one can achieve with this light conditions at this time of year with the horrible despressing fog with the fog the fog the fog (okay it _is_ getting on my nerves!).
    No really, it’s perfect. A great photo.

  2. Beautiful image indeed.
    But allow me to disagree with the previous comment: I live in Portugal and would actually appreciate having a little more fog in order to compose interesting images like this one 🙂
    It’s like they say: grass is always greener on the other side of the hill…

  3. Guys, visibility tonight on my way home was under 50meters … yesyesyes … greener on the other side …. 😉

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