1. Thanks, Martha! It probably is a completely different situation from what you experience in the Australian summer!

  1. I really like to see this sort of autumn light where the sun is low enough light some parts of a scene and not others. I feel that I could walk into that image: the grass would be slightly damp, the sun a little warm but it would be decidedly cooler in the shade. It’s lovely.

    1. Colin, we definitely had a very warm (and dry) November over here, and that made wandering through the pastures very attractive – especially as due to temperature inversion the valley was grey and dreary. And now in these short days the sun is low enough to provide a soft light, ideal to make use of backlight situations as this one.

  2. I know you read Mike Johnson’s blog, and I’m sure you realize how his aesthetic and yours are very similar. And that isn’t bad, mind you,. it’s great. But I thought of that when I went to your blog today after having read Mike’s comments about the print offering he’s organizing using reader’s images.

    1. Chris, thanks for the pat on the back! It came just at the right moment – just see my post about my epic failure!

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