Door, Biker, Bolzano

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Bolzano, Italy

On a short visit to Bolzano for a meeting on Open-Source GIS software, I (again) had the camera at hand when walking to the venue. Many of my images get created on such occasions, and I constantly improve the mechanisms of self-conditioning to see instead of just walk. Just sometimes the camera becomes heavy, so I have (re-)pondered the question if a M4/3 or Sony-E would justify the expenditure by equal or better image quality coming out of half the weight. But I (again) came to no decision, and one reason is that I don’t want to give up the 24-120mm zoom range of my Zeiss lens, the wide end being especially handy when creating square images, which narrows down the angle of view quite a bit. And 24mm-e lenses for M4/3 are rare – I know only of the 7-14mm Oly zoom (Update: and the Oly 2.0/12mm), which has a hefty price point. But then, only half the weight – sounds really convincing.

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