1. First I thought: yet another autumn leaf. But the ‘shaddow’ leaf surrounded by the bright aura of light makes it a nice composition. And it confirms that you had sun during the weekend…

    1. Bernd, climate change takes it’s toll – last weekend was t-shirt weather and yesterday it was still not as cold as to be expected for mid-november. So I enjoy kids and leaves if I can’t get at Debrecen graffiti.

  2. Was this a crop of a larger view, or did you frame the photo that way in the viewfinder? Either way it is a great photo and good thinking either during or after the shot.

    1. John, my SLR, a Sony A700, has some tiny marks to indicate a square crop in the viewfinder, so I do keep that in mind when framing, but it’s relativel imprecise and for example aligning diagonals is difficult. I had planned to get a different groundglass, but the camera meanwhile has 50k+ exposures and therefore some other problem zones, so that this investment would barely be justified. I resorted trying to train my eyes to get along with what I have – but square images are definitely something I like.

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