1. John, I am glad that you like the green as it presents itself here. Reviewing the image now I would tend to tuning down the saturation a bit, underexposure seems to have intensified especially this color.

      That the moss covers the trunk all around has its origin probably in the canyon situation where I found these trees.

  1. Hmm, perhaps a pedicure should be on the agenda …

    btw I think the “notify of followups” doesn’t seem to work , but I am not a 100% sure about it.

    1. Chainsaw pedicure – certainly a market gap for the motorically challenged!

      That the blog has (again) technical issues is more than annoying. I’ll have a look after this notification mechanism.

  2. Yep, doesn’t work. Now I am 100% sure.


    And, that’s what I like about the photo: with the oversaturated (I agree with you) moss these trunks and roots look like some Muppet Show puppets’ feet …

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