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Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria


    1. Martina, I admit this is a true hometown treasure. Ripened to perfection, not disturbed by too much interference. Found in our adult education center. The have a sense for true beauty.

      And if I find more of those air refresheners, it might become a series – or even a sofobo, even without the mo

  1. These things are so unbelievable stupid. Air refresheners. Same category as coffee capsules and the like.

    But at least now with you taking their photos they might have a right to exist, ;-).

    1. This is a philosophical dimension I will have to take time to digest… I mean, that is surpassing mere creation, isn’t it?

      Mhm, that would mean at least a promethean level of divineness… think… think…

    1. And now you leave me to my merciless fate!

      I need another bottle of Staropramen Dunkel, and another, and then, where is the fire, fire, fir, fi, f …

  2. And this, my dear fellow commenters, shows that a Bavarian should never ever drink a liquid that is not brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law from 1516.

    What a shame. Such a promising young artist …

    1. Guilty as charged, Your Honor. Thanks for Your support of the Bavarian Purity Law. (Mumble: should be extended to our state’s wiretapping activities…)

      And: History teaches us, that all artists have to suffer, the younger the more. Glad that I am not having to suffer soo much according to this rule.

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