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Unterach, Austria

Today we spent a wonderful day at Attersee in Austria, with both air and water temperatures high enough to make swimming very agreeable – probably one of the last weekends this fall for such activities. And when in the evening smoke from one of the houses made the golden sunlight visible, we were presented with a perfect scenery. It made one of my daughters even forget her Ligretto game and grab my LX3.


  1. The photo perfectly transports this special atmosphere: after a hot day, a little bit tired from sunbathing and swimming, wearing a hoodie because the moment the sun sets it is getting cool, everything quiet and calm.

    Unbelievable I am saying this on Oct 2nd – we had a similiar day, only it was vineyards and the Rhine River – and yes, people were still in the water at 18:00 hrs.

  2. I keep expecting cool weather here in Denver, but it’s in the 80s again today. Soon though it’ll be time to take out the heavier wraps with hoods and start bundling up.

    Nice image!


  3. @Martina, Eric, John: After a wet summer in Germany, this warm fall seems well deserved. I just hope it’s not one more sign of the man-made warm period coming.

    1. Thanks, Chris. This image is very dear to me – of course also for content reasons. But therefore I am even more unlucky that sharpness is not as perfect as intended.

      This is the one real issue I have with my A700: The autofocus wide open is not predicably exact, and the groundglass is so “modern” and bright, that manual focusing is, at least for me with my glasses, extremely difficult or even impossible. I am not that much interested in the new Sony SLR as I think that 24 MPix are overkill for my purposes, but the prospect of a working and even adjustable autofocus could be the one decisive factor.

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