New Folio: Debrecen Tagged

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Debrecen, Hungary

The many images of graffiti I made in Debrecen finally found their way into a folio in pdf-format, Debrecen Tagged, now available in the books section. Again my thanks go to Eric Jeschke from redskiesatnight.com for his latex framework, published under GPL and forming the basis for my work.


  1. Markus,
    Very nice folio. I have to say that the folio format really made the graffiti images stand out. It had a lot more impact than seeing the Debrecen photos on the blog. Very colorful and elegant.

    1. Eric, thanks for the positive feedback.
      A pdf folio on a large screen certainly comes closer to a print than any blog format – too many compromises in order to cater for all the different target environments.

  2. This seems to be a case where the whole is greater then the parts. As Eric was saying above, the folio format gave much more impact to the images and gave them a common story to tell.

    I’d just came from viewing Eric’s “Occupy Folio” and am impressed with this method of image presentation/story-telling.

    Very nice work!

  3. Earl, it took me a while to (re-)discover the value of printed images – in my earlier times of course all images worth looking at had to be on (b&w) paper. But with digital, unfortunately I have wasted too much time pixel-peeping instead of getting decent color prints from the lab. Meanwhile I have changed my attitude and get 10 of my best images printed every month.
    And with the Debrecen images I will try to get a decent folio cover, as I too have the feeling that presenting them as a complete set increases the impact.

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