1. Martha, sometimes it’s good to not carry the camera. I had left it in the hotel when we went out for a concert and was forced to return and pick it up for the gala dinner in the university. For that reason only I traversed this place just at the right moment.

  1. Markus,

    I like the shot… you were able to pull out an interesting slice-of-life without much light to work with… and lots of lighting contrast too.

    Thank you for your recent comments on my blog, A Second Look. I really appreciate you visiting and commenting.

    As far as the issue with Firefox/Linux… I have no idea why that does not work. I am using one of the standard templates provided by Blogger/blogspot. I do have a laptop that runs on Linux so I will see if I can replicate the issue.

    I am impressed with your blog and enjoy visiting. It has some unique features that make me think that you are much more advanced blogger than I, so any ideas why the Linux/Firefox is not working would be appreciated.


  2. John, thanks for the positive feedback. This scenery looked and felt intriguing (and challenging due to the lack as well as the mixed sources of light), and maybe I should have taken a bit more of time to try different framings. But then, I do not feel so much at ease photographing people in the streets, preferring to remain invisible.

    Re. the commenting issue: blogger’s template are usually quite sophisticated and well tested, so it could be my bleeding edge ubuntu with firefox 7.0.1.

    I will try some more combinations + firebug when commenting – my first unsuccessful try was at the images of the matress’ shop – and meanwhile I copy my text to the clipboard before hitting submit. I will let you know if I can spot any suspicious mechanism which might cause these glitches.

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