Windows, Weeds, And A Blog Note

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Hammerau, Bavaria

I hope that not too many of you have suffered from the technical issues this blog had in the last days. Today the account got moved by the truly responsive Hosting24 service crew to a new datacenter, it seems at least to me that load times are considerable shorter now. Additionally I have tried to distribute the load by using the Cloudflare caching and content distribution network services. The latter doesn’t seem to be without side-effects though, at least Martina has seen a number of error screens. I have meanwhile tuned down the cloudflare settings quite a bit, but I depend on your, the visitors from allover this planet, feedback to learn if the blogs behaviour and speed are acceptable or if there are continuing errors. For this I have created the email address blogerror@markus-spring.info, which I kindly ask you to use for positive or negative feedback on the blog performance. Thanks.


  1. weese weeds?! 🙂

    I wonder what the difference is between the two photos – the first one seems to be a little bit more sharp and/or having more contrast.
    And hey, there is another car in the windows’reflection.
    Is this a spot-the-difference game? 😉

    1. Re. the Weese Weeds: It was you who coined that expression, remember? And sometimes I wake up at night, fearing that Carl gets his mouthpipe speaking to me…

      Spot-the-difference is, well, not was what really intended. I should probably put the two of them into one landscape image – at least I would hang them that way on a wall – and then those two different cars become visible immediately. I like them, as they add somewhat of another dimension to the image.

  2. Hi Markus,
    I hope this clears up some performance issues with your blog. I can remember a few different times I tried to post a comment and the server would give me an error.

    1. Thanks, Eric. Strange enough, pingdom.com give an excellent report both on availability as well as response time since the changes on Sept. 24th. Meanwhile I have turned off W3TotalCache’s minimisation, and at least I myself didn’t see those pesky messages again. If you continue to see error messages, please do inform me again.

  3. Yes I remember (I am not that old :-P) but I didn’t realise it’s been picked up and made into a tag (nice idea btw) – me=proud!

    Without your description I would have thought the photos might have been taken in Krk. And yes, they would look good next to each other side by side.

  4. Well, I am a sucker for good alliterations, Weese Weeds definitely is one. Playing with words is one of the innocent games I like to play from time to time, especially when it’s too dark for photography.

    This kind of decaying buildings is not too rare here, especially a bit away of the touristic centers (where you would find nice fresh facades). Hammerau lives (and dies) with the steel works, and momentarily it’s more a recession phase.

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