1. Chris, thanks for the laud! No, I don’t live in Croatia. But my family has chosen Krk as their favourite place for summer holidays, so I spend there at least a large amount of time for photography. Over the time the became familiar, and I try to find the non-postcard sceneries.

  2. I know all too well the difficulty of being in a popular place and looking for an image not captured too often. It can be challenging! I love the implied comparison between the door without the railing in front compared to the upper door. Where do you live in Germany, if I might ask? I’m traveling there next May.

    1. Chris, the inspirational qualities of new places subside sooner or later, but I guess it’s then when our visualising abilities come into play.

      I am living in Bad Reichenhall, on the German side of the border to Austria, only 10 miles away from Salzburg. 2 days every week I spend in Munich, so either place could make up for a meeting point.

  3. That statement is exactly correct, Markus.

    I’ve always wanted to see Salzberg. I visited Munich once in 1981 (and stood under a street sign for ‘Klugstasse’ (laugh)). My conference is in Stuttgart, not too far away. If you are around when I am there, I’ll set aside a day to visit, if I might bother you a bit.

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