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Krk, Croatia

Using the SLR for street photography is always somewhat frightening, as the shutter sound is *loud* when heared from near. I hope that my subjects know that noise diminuishes with the square of the distance.


  1. You probably didn’t need to have worried, he most likely couldn’t have moved that fast if he didn’t understand the science. I love the title, it made me smile! I wonder if it was a monolith from the “sun bronzed age”. Reminds me of a Martin Parr image.

    1. Colin, I was moving towards a dead end, so at least there was some danger. And, I didn’t want to embarass either him or me… Finding a suitable title was a bit tricky, again for non-discrimination purposes. Glad you like it!

  2. I agree with Colin, great title!

    At the risk of being rude to my own fellow citizens…would this gentleman be an American? Maybe I can say that being an American myself. 😉

    In seriousness, there is an over-weight crises here so scenes like this are very common at many of our beaches.

    1. Earl, at least in this strong forming it is quite rare here. But I know from my relatives that in the U.S. it is more common. Probably here as there, knowledge about health and healthy food is also a question of education – and available income. If you go to a super market here in Europe, the most unhealthy food will be the cheapest. And welfare rates won’t allow for much deviation from this price group.

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