Krk, Croatia

Using the SLR for street photography is always somewhat frightening, as the shutter sound is *loud* when heared from near. I hope that my subjects know that noise diminuishes with the square of the distance.



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  1. You probably didn’t need to have worried, he most likely couldn’t have moved that fast if he didn’t understand the science. I love the title, it made me smile! I wonder if it was a monolith from the “sun bronzed age”. Reminds me of a Martin Parr image.

    1. Colin, I was moving towards a dead end, so at least there was some danger. And, I didn’t want to embarass either him or me… Finding a suitable title was a bit tricky, again for non-discrimination purposes. Glad you like it!

  2. I agree with Colin, great title!

    At the risk of being rude to my own fellow citizens…would this gentleman be an American? Maybe I can say that being an American myself. 😉

    In seriousness, there is an over-weight crises here so scenes like this are very common at many of our beaches.

    1. Earl, at least in this strong forming it is quite rare here. But I know from my relatives that in the U.S. it is more common. Probably here as there, knowledge about health and healthy food is also a question of education – and available income. If you go to a super market here in Europe, the most unhealthy food will be the cheapest. And welfare rates won’t allow for much deviation from this price group.

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