La Grande Grise

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Kvarner Bay, Croatia

Wonderfully overcast sky – something I had feared in earlier days, associating it with dull pictures (which I made inevitably, even if only to fulfill prejudice) – presented me that graceful transition of sea into sky. I hope I didn’t miss too many dust spots. Back at home I will try to get it printed. As I have a lab that doesn’t “improve” the files you send, it might come out pretty well.


  1. Well, I’d have been very pleased with this image, the highlight on the back of the boat will really make the picture sing! How big would you print it?

  2. @all: Only one reply for connections’s sake: Thanks! Re. the size: I will start with 20x30cm, but as I already have some 70x100cm prints from that Sony’s 12 Mpixels, I guess I will go larger afterwards.

  3. Markus, absolutely wonderful shot. With a little photographer maturity I’ve also come to cherish the overcast days.

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