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Karawankenrast II [f/8, 1/100 sec, 5mm-e, ISO 100, DMC-LX3]. Tagged with
Roadhouse Karawankenrast, Carinthia

We made our way to Krk ahead of the moving traffic jam, taking advantage of our location between the large population centers and our holiday destination. All went well, the steep non-tarred access road to our trailer’s winter storage being the only minor last minute obstacle. Meanwhile we’ve set up camp and start relaxing – meaning I’ve some private time with my cameras. The internet connection is shaky as always, meaning I can post underdifficulties and read under even more difficulties.

The images are from underway, just in front of the the Karawanken tunnel. The road station is only little more than a container with a coffee, wine and beer (sic!) counter and another container with toilets – provision and disposal only meters apart

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