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Old Saline, Bad Reichenhall

Update: I replaced the image with a newer version that I prepared for printing: keystoned horizontals, some vignetting to take emphasis from the corners. In my eyes it works even better.


  1. I really like this photo…the symmetry, the asymmetry, the colors, the rectangular shapes of different sizes, the contrast of the plants—of life.

  2. Symmetry/asymmetry indeed! In the middle there is the suggestion of a third pipe, like a ghost, or a memory of the past, suggesting a future for the two pipes as well.

    This feels deep: a photograph of a moment in time, containing references to things past, but at the same time (or in fact, at quite a different time!) the photograph is in itself a representation of what-has-been, viewed by people alive at different moments in time. Does this make any sense?

  3. Martha, Juha: That incomplete symmetry fills that image with tension, and this same tension is built up over a time-axis, as Juha pointed out, with those old and new elements.

    It’s one of the images that spoke to me even before I framed it, and the difficulty was to get that right section that contains the necessary and emphasizes it over the distracting elements.

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