Think While You Shoot

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Maximilianstrasse, Munich

“Think while you shoot” is an advice, that Martin Munkacsi gave when asked for a recipe to create good photographs. The exhibition in the hall of a great Bavarian insurance company was curated by F. C. Gundlach, himself not only a famous photographer in the middle of last century, but also a collector of photographs, Munkacsi’s among them. For me it was utmost amazing to see how lively his images were, especially when taking into account the technical difficulties of photography let’s say in 1930. I guess I should never complain about the performance of my own equipment…

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Also interesting for me was that the great H.C-B named Munkacsi’s image, ‘Boys Running Into the Surf at Lake Tanganyika’, as his sole and most important “spark that ignited my enthusiasm.” This image is also among the images that I remember from my early encounters with photography, and do recall it was in the back of my mind when I framed the image to the right in 2006.

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