1. Well, hmm, Juha, your example was so encouraging that I bought a LX-3! Coming from a DSLR, of course it feels strange in the first minutes, but I learned quickly to enjoy the new degrees of freedom that come from framing with the display, superb macro etc. What I have to learn are snapshot techniques, here I failed miserably. Image quality looks good (I do raw), but I want to see some prints in order to see how much can be requested from that tiny machine. Observing my recent picturing behaviour, I learned that the majority of successful images was created at the wider end of my lens lineup. So I saw no compelling reason to get the LX-5 for a 50% higher price.

  1. Congratulations! I didn’t realize they are still selling the LX3. For a while I thought of buying a spare, but maybe not; I have been recently gravitating towards the tele end. In any case, I haven’t found much to dislike about the LX3.

    There are differences in seeing for sure between a DSLR and a compact.

    Once in a while I try out a more conscious approach, limiting to only a few photographs what I take on a walk etc. But I have found out that it doesn’t really work for me. I have to get in to the flow of taking photographs, and take quite a few until I start to get anything worth saving.

    1. The price for the LX3 now is way down from was it was, the gap to the LX5 in fact tends more towards 70%, not 50 as I had written. For me this camera makes much sense because of its unsuspicious exterior, so you can easily mix with the crowd without signalising “I am a photographer”. And the fact that it allows framing 1:1 images without mentally cropping is also an advantage. As the image quality seems to be really good – on the screen at least, I haven’t yet seen prints – it can make up for the perfect companion when wanting to travel light.

  2. I checked the best LX3 and LX5 prices here in Finland, and for some reason the premium is not great – 336 euro vs. 409 euro. A bit surprising really. But when you factor in the price of the batteries (with the LX3 one can use cheap third-party batteries), the difference is a bit higher.

    1. Juha, I got mine for 254,- including postage and the standard 2 years warranty, which was one of the reasons to not hesitate any longer. A second battery I’ve ordered already, I didn’t get more than 250 raw images from one battery load.

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