1. I am currently trying to see my hometown with a foreigner’s eye – there’s an amazing mix of feelings and impressions coming up. And everyday sceneries get another depth.

      1. This is exactly one of the things I like very much about photo blogging: I get in “tourist mode” while taking photos. Very often I think: what would the Bavarian say about this? what would the American think about this? That’s a big inspiration. Especially on days of photographer’s block 😉

        1. You see, it took me quite some time to learn this trick. But at the moment my photographer’s block is a luxated foot, and here ibuprofen seems to be the adequate choice.

            1. Thanks, Martina. At least I have a good physiotherapist. And against the pollen simple arithmetics helps: The standard dose of levocetirizin is calculated for a 30kg person. So I am presuming for now that I have 120kg. It’s not what the doctor said, but…

  1. I like the picture..

    but I can’t help thinking that the situation makes for a very easy Easter Egg Hunt for the children.

    1. Theoretically yes, Tyler. But you have to take into account that today’s easter presents are more along play station games etc. Easter eggs, especially the non-chocolate variety, are more and more reduced to a pure decorative function.

    1. Egg rites in fact pre-date even christianity (it seems that even the Zoroastrians knew such practices), and there is also a jewish precedence in the Pessach for it. Maybe the Finnish, very sober, Lutheran religion was not really promoting such traditions.

  2. There is something about this image that makes me smile everytime I look at it. I don’t know if it’s the colorful eggs against the rather monotone background or memories of childhood. Whatever it is, it makes me smile — and that kind of reaction makes for a successful image. Thanks for “seeing” this and sharing.

    1. Marti, I recently remembered and reread parts of the French philosopher Barthes’ “camera lucida”. He set up the theory of “studium and punctum”, where punctum is the very individual point/content/mechanism that connects the viewer with the image. As in your relationship with this image, this is not necessarily something one can explain easily, but if it’s there, the image works for the viewer.
      I am glad this one does it for you! Happy Easter!

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