Brecht And The Latched City Tree

City Tree IV, Latched. Tagged with Urban

Despite the urban heat islands, vegetation in Munich is in many places still in a pre-vernal stage, with cherry trees and sometimes Magnolias being the notable exception.

The city tree subject remains interesting, especially in this stage when the trees are more a structure than a corpus. Pre- and after-work strolls led to a number of interesting frames and even more challenged ones, deserving further exploration of the topic.

Trees have numerous technical functions in the city, being it absorption and slow release of rain water or the filtration of particulate matter from the air, not to mention shade and habitat they offer to all kind of creatures. The metaphysical qualities of the trees have gained importance even more with progress of urban lifestyle, and Bertold Brecht’s statement from “Mr. K. and Nature” is as valid now as it was written:

“Now and then I would like to see a couple of trees when I step out of the house. Particularly because, thanks to their different appearance, according to the time of day and the season, they attain such a special degree of reality.”

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  1. Interesting quote, I wasn’t even aware of that book…

    Quite a “graphical” photo, which is certainly unusal for a tree-containing frame. Certainly provides a new perspective.

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