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I clearly admit that I did not (yet) fully understand Roland Barthes’ book ‘Camera Lucida’. Thanks to The Online Photographer I do know now that this is not a failure. Barthes’ concept of studium and punctum is convincing, and it helps me to understand why another viewer’s reaction can be so different from mine. Also his emphasis on things not plainly visible in an image, yet connected through the knowledge of the observer, is an interesting aspect – and hard to take into consideration when creating an image. In today’s picture it is a small detail that for me creates an additional connection point to this image. Only at the corners you may notice some blue grains. I do know that these come from styrodur material, proving that this construction was insulated against energy losses in winter as well as overheating in summer. In these times, where an oecologically acceptable energy supply gets the focus it has always deserved, these blue grains could be grains of hope.


  1. Camera Lucida…? Oh yeah…that’s floating around here somewhere also. Haven’t touched it yet, I have to admit – maybe something for the next rainy day.

  2. I must admit I am more captured by the reflections of geometrical stuctures in organic shaped puddles than by the blue grains. It’s a very intensive photo in the sense of: you can look and look and look again and always find some more patterns.

    1. Martina, that’s probably simply my weak point, thinking and pondering too much about the environment, CO2, energy etc. In the sense of Barthes, everybody has a different ‘punctum’

  3. Hmm, is it rude to say: yes it is a weak point the moment you overlook your accomplishment and the artful impact this photo has?

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