Not Carneval

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The prototope of the American Indian is regarded iconic and suitable for advertising over here. The romantic view of the “Noble Savage”, that a certain Karl May (1842 – 1912) had modeled in his numerous novels about the American Old West – whilst he had never set foot there – is still predominant in the minds of old and young. I remember well, that in my boyhood one of the most fervent discussions was about the choice of either becoming “Indianer” or cowboy during carneval season.


    1. You are right, Martina – there were those small plastic dolls… Way before the teenage mutant hero turtles.

  1. Indeed, and the brown plastic forts … but I thought of the real game: cowboy and indians in the woods! Disclaimer: I grew up in the countryside 😉

    1. The countryside probably makes the difference. In the city there were more urban influences and less available territories to explore.

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