Maple Silhouettes

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This is the kind of mountain experience I try to find, away of noise and entertainment facilities. This year I was restricted to walk on paths, but next year I’ll try to get some snow shoes to become more independent of the traffic infrastructure.


  1. Definitely the place to be. Have you tried cross-country skiing? I had my first go at it a couple of weeks ago and had a grand time.

    1. Stephen, I saw a convincing scenery on your blog today. I tried it indeed – many years back already – and when I did revive it last year I broke the hood of a vintage lens in my backpack because of insufficient cushioning. At the moment the kids are what stops me pursuing this, as they do prefer the downhill variant of skiing.

    1. Thanks Marcie. This is winter at it’s best, and with a bit of walking and knowing local geography I still find enough of those quiet places.

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