Looking Cross-Eyed

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Found on a barn wall near “Wachterl”, a pass height of the major transalpine road in Bavaria.

Such trophies usually have a great value for the hunter and are treated and presented very carefully. Using big visible screws and washers to fix them shows substantial ironical traits – or are blunt blasphemy in the eyes of a true St. Hubertus disciple.


    1. Marcie, this kind of showcasing hunting skills is very popular, albeit with more discrete fixtures. Probably a remnant of tribal rites…

    1. Robert, my first thought also was about archaic brutality. I am still not sure about the motivation – pure thoughtlessness, laziness because no holes had to be drilled or even some weird humor could be behind this action – but taking unconscious motivations into account, the result is at least deeply disturbing.

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