Alpine Mobility Devices

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Not far away from the place where I discovered the snowy peaks for this month’s wallpaper there is the parking lot for the skiing area.

Now, transporting skiers and catering them is not a lucrative business per se any more, so numerous events have to be invented and executed, until the last tiny remembrance bit of any alpine serenity has been expelled by blaring speakers and/or roaring exhaust pipes.

Sometimes, however, human fragility can send a small interrupt signal.


  1. Markus, I have to plead guilty. When younger I rode and raced off road motorcycles much like these. On some Sundays friends and I would ride over 60 miles through nearby mountain trails and practice hill climbing on slopes so steep you could not stand upon. Yes, loud and interruptive…but much fun too.

    Days long gone by…but I don’t feel any repentance. 😉

    1. Earl, that for sure were different times then – oil was abundant and of environment there was so much… And this I’ve learnt to be a very different mindset in the U.S.: The country is so huge in comparison to the number of inhabitants that there was and probably is a much greater sense of freedom, maybe also laissez-faire, than we ever had in Europe.

    1. What a coincidence in your statement and my current reading: Naomi Klein’s “No Logo”. Ad-jamming is one of the techniques she describes. And yes, I take it as a decoration.

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