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This blog is somewhat deprived of words at the moment, and I felt somewhat sorry for this.

But discovering that some of the blogs I do cherish most are without words – give or take a quote and/or a heading, a filename, a date – I concluded that there’s no need to feel sorry. If my workload shifts, words may come again, but at the moment there are none.

Enjoy the images anyway – and don’t forget: You can see all of them large just by clicking on ’em.


  1. Back from 4 weeks in Thailand I have new insights in what your Sri Lanka photos show. The question is, are you working there? Sunny greetings from Hamburg

    1. Janine, I was managing three technology-transfer and reconstruction projects in Sri Lanka. At the moment I am supporting as a volunteer for the NGO EMAS a water supply project in four villages north of Batticaloa, where we try to educate and train the beneficiaries along with the building of rainwater harvesting tanks, wells and pumps.

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