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  1. I’m confused. Are those flimsy barriers meant to protect goods left without supervision, or just a sort of small crowd control when the vendor is actually in operation?

    1. Carl, deducing from the street and the traffic I’ve experienced there, I doubt there can be much of a crowd. The best explanation I could come up with are the omnipresent crows (and sometimes monkeys). For them the material strength should be sufficient.

  2. Hmm, crows could certainly be a problem and I’m familiar with them here. But your mention of monkeys made me laugh. Then I had another thought, which is that gray squirrels fill the ecological niche that exotic monkeys do nearer the equator. Of course, it’s possible that a Sri Lanken visiting New England would find a gray squirrel quite exotic.

    1. The squirrels I’ve completely forgotten – they have a striped variety, smallish, maybe 4″ w.o. tail. In the hotel I used to stay in Colombo they came to the veranda during breakfast to indulge in the breadcrumbs. And of course they are skilled thieves when nobody looks.

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