Waiting For Transport

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Sometimes a scenery like this flies by, and I am glad that my feelings made me frame and record this scenery as it presented itself. Something in me just said “this works”.


  1. Yes, it does. It’s one of these things …. one starts pondering: what’s her life? where does she live? is this her bike? what is she waiting for? will it ever come?

  2. Yes, also works for me. It’s the contrast between the slightly melancholic, thoughtful expression of the woman and the dogs, who seems to be in a real hurry (maybe looking for a tree…? 😉 ).


  3. Martina, Thomas: it was probably this ambiguity, the possibility to take the visible only as a starting point for deliberations, that fascinated me in this scene. And the melancholy in the expression of the lady and repeated in so many colors and details, up to the askew antenna mast, makes up for a good leitmotif for many of my Sri Lanka images. It’s just present there, most often (as long as you stay away from the tourist centers).

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