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Found in one of the side streets of Batticaloa. In contrast to the blue sky of this image, taken in November last year, Batticaloa and surroundings suffered from torrential rainfalls, cutting off traffic and transports and forcing tenthousands to leave their homes, and many to stay in provisional shelters. Since some days only the situation has improved, and now the damage gets calculated. I hope to receive some images of the situation within the next days.


  1. Markus, I love the implied action here. The wonderful puff of flour catching the sunlight makes me sure that the man in the truck has just heaved the sack from the stack to the tailgate, and now he’s still, taking a breath, before turning to lift and heave the next sack. So much action indicated without actually showing it…unless I’m all wrong.

    1. Carl, this is a fitting description of the action. In fact those flour puffs and the slightly off-sync sounds grabbed my attention.

      Exposure was difficult in order to not loose details in the highlights and inside of the lorry, but I am quite content about the result delivered from my A700. The raw file needed some dodging and burning to diminuish the contrast a bit.

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