December Wallpaper

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Not really christmassy, this year’s december wallpaper shows monsoon clouds over the beach of the Bay of Bengal. But then, it is tightly connected with christmas, as the houses in the area were given to the victims to the tsunami of Dec. 26th, 2004.

In this resettlement area of Thiraimadu, Batticaloa, funds of the City of Munich were used to give houses to 42 women headed families that hat lost family members and posessions in the Tsunami. It was a joy to learn that those families do well, and especially that they care very much for the education of their children, even if the available funds for daily life are minimal. At least for them the terror of the tsunami was to a small bit compensated by the donations of Munich’s citizens.


  1. I totally agree with Marcie about the wallpaper.

    It’s strange, while you have been away, of course I followed your
    postings and had a look at all the photos, but it was different. I
    guess that’s why I didn’t comment. You can’t really talk about framing
    and pixels and compositions and and and … when it’s clear that most
    parts of the world have totally different problems.

    I guess you are totally exhausted right now – coming back to this
    temperatures (minus 9 today in Mainz) and with this many impressions.
    I am looking forward to seeing and reading more.

    (Posted by the blog owner on behalf of Martina, who succumbed to a faulty captcha/cache combination)

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