Colombo Shrines

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The Jesus sticker on the wall in yesterday’s image sparked a short conversation with Martina about the presence of private religious symbols in the streets of different countries. Carl Weese from time to time shows such shrines in the U.S., mostly in suburban gardens, if I remember correctly.

Despite being a Buddhist country, where the religion plays a major role in politics (and most of the time an unhealthy one, unfortunately), symbols and shrines of all religions can be seen in the street. Those two I found in Duplication Road, separated by only a small distance.


  1. But Markus, the most powerful religion on view here is in the second picture, the faith of the almighty dollar (or insert appropriate currency). Certainly this is what rules the world.

    1. Definitely no contradiction possible – but then: at least the christian religions sometimes had quite close affinity to money. Think only of the medieval selling of indulgences or the calvinist paradigm of economical welfare as a measurement of one’s own agreeability to God. Not to mention the modern evangelical churches that have not the least reservation with money.

  2. Markus, I always find it interesting when “Sacred” Shrines are located in what appears most un-sacred places. We are a strange lot, us humans.

    1. Earl, this is indeed a shrine already in repair! Corrosion in this town works so incredibly fast (and quality of the imported steel is lowish) that whatever is started begins to decay the moment it is installed. So here the are putting up a concrete shelter around the shrine, and maybe next year they will have removed the rotten fence.

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