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Writing this, I am sitting already in the airport on my way to home. These were intense weeks, less so in the photographic sense, but full of discussions on how to tune the setup of the new water supply project in order to achieve best acceptance and sense of ownership of the beneficiaries. There are many things to take into account, not the least the difficult mindset of people that had been pushed around for many years during the civil war in Sri Lanka.

For some time I will be posting some more pictures from Sri Lanka, but there will be an abrupt change when I do the switch to images from Germany – snow and temperatures below 0° C will give a different impression.

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  1. Markus, Sorry I haven’t found time to comment on your recent photos of Sri Lanka but I have been viewing and following alone and have enjoy both the posts and photos very much. I can only imagine what a personal impact the trip may have had for you.

    I look forward to future photos, both of Sri Lanka and Germany.

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