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Martina had correctly pointed out, that one of the shown masks looks like from a horror movie. This is really a dilemma. Transforming old rites into present times of course always incorporates contemporary elements. This is nothing special, as many of our Christian rites are based on pagan elements. But here, with the “Perchten” masks, it has sometimes an amusing effect: The mask in the first image is quite traditional, carved from wood, visual elements I assume being autochthonous – but then the name: Harry Potter is supposedly nor bavarian nor alpine…

And the masks in the second image evoke more associations to “Paura nella cittĂ  dei morti viventi” (City of the Living Dead) than to any local traditions. But this is the very presence, and when talking to the mask owners, you hear nothing but praise and pride about these hotchpotches out of gore movies.

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  1. Hmmm – I can’t really make the connection to Harry Potter with the first one … I’ve read all the books but haven’t seen all the movies. Yes, at last I think it is a natural evolution and it’s only me (or us? or our generation?) that finds this amusing or even noteworthy.
    Ta panta rhei.

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