Yellow Leaf, Mallows

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Saturday morning provided opportunity for a short stroll through the neighborhood when overcast sky and slight fog were still prominent. I like this kind of light very much, and as I had only two fast primes with me, the light level was not a problem. Only the autofocus was, wide open I sometimes had the feeling it’s more like hit or miss. Oh well – in the end it was worth the trouble, but I definitely would not want to depend on it for street or reportage like photography. And it seems I am not alone with this issue, even Andreas Manessinger complains about a similar problem with his Nikon.


  1. Markus, it appears you were hitting more then missing if these two images are examples. There’s lot I love in that first photo. While you had me with the path trailing off into the distance, the creative use of the yellow leaf, mossy rocks and shallow dof are certainly a bonus.

  2. @Martha, Earl: Thx for the praise! Regarding the hits and misses: If I think of music, ‘Take 5’ could be the matching song. For static subjects this is not a problem, it just requires attention, but I tried this sometimes with my (moving) kids, and then it immediately becomes frustrating.

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