The Color Yellow

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Again from my stroll through the park. I enjoyed very much the characteristics of the color, coming out much stronger in the absence of direct sunlight. All images were made with the 1.4/85, stopped down usually to 2.0, resulting in a wise compromise between bokeh and acceptable DoF/achievable focus accuracy.


  1. “Stopped down to 2.0” reads funny to me. Can’t do that with my lenses… 🙂

    I just had the opportunity to lay my hands on the Canon 50/1.4, it was the first time that I’ve seen a “1.4” on my camera’s display. But it was nice to work with! Another entry on my wishlist…

    1. Thomas, take care – this could be the beginning of an addiction, and an expensive one! At least for the Sony bayonet there are plenty of lenses on *bay, and for my 1.7/50 I just paid € 40,-. But the kind of shallow DoF and bokeh you can get from old, fast primes is very different in its expression than what the nowadays standard lenses create. Just zooming with the legs is a bit awkward in the beginning…

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