Street Level Encounter

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The notorious “Fallen Leaves” of this season are hard to avoid. But then, why should I – they provide a unique and quickly changing coloring, grabbing the view in many variations and situations, even when scrunched, like these.

… and I do swear that I didn’t touch the saturation slider.


  1. Markus, once again you present a subject that attracts me — singular fallen leaves against pavement or stone. To be honest I can lay my finger upon all the reasons for the attraction, beyond the beauty of such a scene.

    It may have something to do with symbols of permanence and passing of the fleeting.

    Beautifully done, and seeing these appear to be wet I certainly accept no additional saturation was needed. Have a good day and week my friend!

  2. That symbolism of the two/one lonely leaves also passed through my head, Earl. And the discrepancy between the still lively colors and the physical state of the leaves made the images even more attractive for me.

    1. Thanks, Juha. I have to admit that when I am in a flow of photographing, some images come easy, naturally. It’s only afterwards at the computer that sometimes thoughts or non-thoughts come into consciousness and combine with the image.

  3. Since nobody mentioned it before (and besides the symbolism of the subject), what really gets me with these two photos is how the asphalt’s pattern is repeated by the spots on the leaves – may it be because of the wetness in the second one or some natural colour variations on the leaves in the first photo.
    Did you remove something from the wet spot in the second photo? The leaf looks a little bit lonely there, 😉

    1. In fact that frottage of the tar surface on the leaves was the first motivation for these images. Playing with the composition, finding two corresponding leaves came next, and then the wet patch with the solitary leaf just complemented my mood at this cold, wet afternoon – lonely 😉

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