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  1. The first photograph is a really good composition. Is the plant in the second photograph Impatiens glandulifera? (It is spreading rapidly in Finland, an invasive alien species.)

    1. Juha, you are right: This is indeed Impatiens Glandulifera – invasive in Germany as well, and taking over many of the wilderland areas due to its growing speed, overtowering the natural flora and winning the concurrence for light.

  2. Markus, these types of images always appeal to be on some base level. Of the two I prefer the first image perhaps because of the starkness of the bare limbs and darker background contrasting strongly with the single back-lighted leaf. Well taken.

    1. Earl, the first image for sure is more convincing in many of the aspects. And I do admit that the 2nd also is weaker than necessary due to the lack of more consequent shadows – for reasons I don’t understand I didn’t see this when converting it from the raw file.

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