Non-Rectangular Shapes

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This is an interesting image in the sense that it wouldn’t be one if not photographed. Our perception (usually) has no fram borders, especially no straight-lined ones. Viewing from normal height, scanning a wider angle of view, at least I do rarely relate any lines to the boundaries of my field of view. But this image works through exactly this relationship, with all those lines and shapes forming non-rectangles (with the exception of the fence). And many of the lines get their direction only from the fact that the camera with the 24mm-e lens was tilted forward.

This is one of the rare images I have created that not only differs very much from what we perceive to see, but that even came into existence in that way only in the camera frame.


    1. Marcie, when I thought about these objects, I was just wondering who decided to combine them here. Maybe they are just leftovers, for which no other place seemed suitable, as it would be very extraordinary to combine such different single prisms.

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