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It seems that commuting problems become a root of photographic endeavours: The “Batticaloa Fences” gallery finally was realized due to a delay, several of my commuting images resulted of unplanned stops, and today’s mini gallery of the “Dust Bikes” resulted from me leaving too late for the station and missing the train for just seconds… I’ll have to explore the kind of mysterious connection that exists between those two unrelated kinds of events.

Anyhow, here you find a small gallery of “Dust Bikes” that grabbed my attention in a dirty garage under a office building. Beyond the incredibly soft surface I found the idea of such a powdered bike fascinating: This coating is the result of probably monthes of standstill, the plain opposite of the movement a bicycle is meant for.


    1. Thomas, believe me: I did move really slowly and breathe only very shallow – otherwise I would have created a disaster (for my lungs, camera, clothes)

  1. Markus, perhaps what you’re viewing as unrelated events is simply the forces of the “universe” applying a little of its own direction to your photographic skills. When first viewing this photo it took a few moments to realize exactly what I was seeing.

    1. Earl, I have to admit that I do like this idea of the universe toying a bit with time slices… I guess it’s again that “be prepared” thing, that also makes me carry my camera everywhere, so when an opportunity offers itself, I can try to reap it.

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