Beach Flora II

. Tagged with Krk
Beach Flora IIb. Tagged with Krk

A second take on the shore plants in Krk. For both images I used the Sony 70-300G lens, the first one was taken with the maximum focal length and widest open f-stop of 5.6. The soft rendering of the out-of-focus areas combined with the perfect maximum sharpness I love very much in this lens.

Other than that my relationship with it is somewhat plurivalent: Since my first steps in photography I am in love with the compressed perspective of tele lenses, and the first lens I always got with every SLR was a tele or tele zoom. But since going digital I find myself to use it less and less, having discovered the possibilities (and challenges) of wideangles at or below 24 mme. So I carry the 70-300 less often, therefore use it less often. But when I do, I am very often astonished about the fine image that it allows me to capture.

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