A Sudden Gust of Wind

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The title for this image came up as a sudden association, but when searching for it, it turned out that I must have heard of or seen the masterpiece and originator of that title: Hokusai’s woodblock print of the series “Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji”, and the later adaption by Jeff Wall. Just see them here on the website of Tate Modern.

So the title is not original, but it’s matching well the image, which I enjoy very much because of its impromptu character, where small details like the carpet corners support that feeling of a sudden and irrevocable departure. And I chose this image to close the Krk series for this year. Expect to find now images from European sceneries of late summer and autumn here in this blog.

Oh yes, and the blog got a new feature: In the menu below the title you’ll now find a link to the “Image Mosaic”: Spread over 12+ pages there is just a compendium of most of the images published on spring2life. The singular images can be enlarged – as all images here – and the new Highslide-Javascript not only adapts to the screen size but also allows to play a slideshow. Enjoy.

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  1. Markus, I do like this image and original or not the title certainly fits.

    I also very much like your new “Image Mosaic” blog feature. I’ve been thinking of something similar but haven’t made any progress on that front yet yet. Well done!

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