Toes and the Lake

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Sometimes a lake full of water can be too much, especially when this water is not thoroughly warm. Then a small basin, barely large enough to sit in, can be more attractive than the whole lake.


  1. This one really made me laugh – wonderful!

    For one and other reasons I had a look at the weather in Munich today and when I came to your blog I was a little bit surprised – until I realised you took the right time to go on vacation …

    1. Leaving for holidays tomorrow morning – Attersee was just a weekend trip which found the best time slice possible. At the moment here it’s raining cats and dogs.

      Re. the glitch: I fear it’s my fault by lack of inspection of other’s code I use for my dynamic blogroll – the locking mechanism is faulty and sometimes blocks the whole thing. I hope I’ll find time to fix it.

  2. I just recalled why I like this photo so much: when I was small (very small, ;-)) I used a blue “waschbütte” as my private personal swimming pool – there must be hundreds of photos of me sitting with a big grin in this “waschbütte” in my parents’ backyard.

    Have some nice vacation, enjoy yourselves, hopefully in some nice warm weather with many blue pools 🙂

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