Budapest Fire Plugs

Click to enlarge: Budapest Fire Plug I

Budapest Fire Plug II

Carl Weese’s Pink Fire Plug inspired me to for today’s posting.

Yesterday I was at a wedding, but those 1200+ images are an intimidating amount even for skulling. It was a rural-style wedding, which had lasted already for 11 hours when I left early, so the number of pictures per hour is not that big as the total would indicate. Expect some images from the public part of the wedding during the next days.


  1. Wow, an 11+ hour wedding. Now I’ve been to a few weddings that seemed like they lasted 11 hours but I the longest wedding I’ve attended, including the reception after the ceremony, was perhaps 2.5-3.5 hrs. What did you do all of that time?

    1. I heard from those who stayed, that I ended midnight, after full 14 hours. And this is not unusual for a wedding in a village. Over the next days I will post some images to give you a better impression.

  2. Markus, those hydrants are so tall, skinny, and almost elegant, that “fireplug” just doesn’t seem like the right term any longer.

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