Finish of a Fantastic Meal

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Searching for the church of Sveti Krsevan, we stopped in the small village of Poljica for lunch. And a fine lunch this was, by far the best grilled lamb that I’ve eaten on this island. But really spectacular was the walnut schnapps, served before *and* after the meal. Sometimes it’s really good not being the driver.

Update: That home made sausage was served as a delicious appetizer. Wanderer, if you ever come to the island of Krk, do find your way to Poljica and have a meal there.


  1. The cup with the broken handle adds interest…and I agree, once more with the schnapps — handle or not! 🙂

  2. “Waiter! More schnapps, please.”

    That cries out for musical accompaniment—full orchestra, with lots of strings! Or perhaps recorded as a ring-tone on my mobile phone by someone with a voice like the late Ivan Rebroff.

    Wait a minute! Just remembered that I still have some Brennivin (Icelandic Schnapps) in my freezer—and I’m home, so no driving.


  3. Cheers to all! I admit being a bit astonished about the strength of the emotions Schnapps creates… Admittedly I live a rather sober life since the kids. But this reminds me that I have some of the finest whisky from the Orkney islands in the cabinet. Alas, this has to wait some more hours till the sun is down and the kids are in their bed. But then I’ll have a good sip,

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