Spellbound Forest II

Evening light helped a lot to increase the magic of “The Paradise”, and my trusty tripod was absolutely necessary, as the light level dropped really fast due to the overcast sky. Even in-camera-stabilisation did find its limits there. Focusing was a bit difficult as I didn’t want to include too much background detail, but shallow depth-of-field rendered parts of the foreground unsharp. Well, there is no tilt-shift lens in my bag, so I had to take what was available.


  1. Markus I believe you found a good balance with you choices for this image. You certainly mainaged to capture the look and feel of a spellbound forest. Nice done!

    I’d like to rent and experience a tilt-shift lens sometime to satisfy my own curiosity. I don’t know I’d ever use one enough to make it worth while to purchase one.

    1. Earl, renting such a lens is probably the right thing, but it might wet your appetite… Other than the mere investment, I shy away from more lenses just because of the additional weight. T/S is something really special – if you don’t get hooked, you might probably use it only on rare occasions, meaning it stays out of the normal equipment and gets used even less. (But maybe the grapes are just too sour…)

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