Scarce Decoration

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Strolling through one of the new housing estates here, I came across this scenery. It looks like the flowers in the pot will need a lot of manure and water to cope with these large floor and wall spaces.


  1. but it is kind of heart-breaking (“rührend” would be the word) how people try to make their life and their environment a little bit more “homely”, isn’t it?

    1. Living in a dormitory community that earlier was a farmers’ village creates these tensions: the urban pave parking space but the geranium plants in pots, just to name one aspect. It’s probably not such a clear type as the American suburbs, but there is clearly a pattern here.

  2. Hmm, I am subscribed to this posting but just found your reply by chance (while having a look at today’s photos and seeing you have said something in the right column) – something wrong there? Let me see what happens when I click on “Manage your subscriptions” … hm, everything seems to be allright (nice feature btw – something one misses with blogger, but hey …. can’t have it all)

    1. Yep – this subscribtion thingie was something I really wanted, one more on the list why to abandon blogger. Blogger works well as long as you stay in the system, become friend or follower or something facebookish. In terms of blog popularity however, this was not a really good move, but then, the longer I do it, the more I do it for myself.

      I hope that the feeds do work now – I am off to Krk tomorrow early morning, but in the evening I should have network connection again.

  3. Aaaaah – Krk – Rote Zora … 😉 . However – since I guess this is holiday: I wish you and your family of course some wonderful vacation, nice and sunny days, gute Erholung! Drive save (I think I saw some caravan photos – and a hat? – many ages ago on your blog, g)
    If it is not vacation … eh …. 😉

    I once used serendipity with my own server (another blog, another project), but really – mostly I am just awake enough to post a photo, no time no energy to do anything else. Perhaps some day …

    1. I admire your memory – there was indeed a photo with a hat – my hat – in a caravan. Oh yes, and here we are again, dead tired after driving and set-up but in fine weather. This could become holidays indeed.

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