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  1. Quite a contrast compared to the Wimbachgreenysavethenature photos – although relateded terms of environmental concern. Questionable will be the disposal after the lifetime of the insulated buildings. Challenge for our kids of the kids of our African or Asian partners. I like the contrast in terms of colours and shapes.

    1. Bernd, you did notice the ? in the headline, didn’t you. That whole system of course has its weak points, and proper disposal is one of them (I just found that English doesn’t have a proper euphemism like our ‘Entsorgung’ – getting rid of a problem). And even the colors and shapes created a headache, as the red rhombus is from the Dow Chemical logo, a company of more than arguable reputation for those old enough to remember Bhopal.

      So this is an image with tension. But this was done on purpose.

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